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A domain in general terms is a name that can be alphanumeric that is usually linked to a radioactivity address that is usually a computer or electronic device. 

They are generally used to represent the addresses of web pages. Since the Internet is based on IP (Internet Protocol) addresses that in simple terms can be said to be the connection numbers of each computer that is connected to the Internet. 

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How does a domain work? 

To explain the activity I will give this example, the IP address of my web site is ( but this link number is quite complex and long, to give it to my clients so I have the choice to request the name of my company and it is linked to the IP address of my web server where my web page is stored, so my clients only write in their web, the domain sends them back to my Ip and this connects them with my web assistant who responds by sending them my Dutch web, all these leaps are made in fever of auxiliary so it passes unsuspecting. 

Another example: it's like on his incommunicado phone, we don't usually write the numbers of our friends today, we just select the names of the phonebook such as: Juan and we give Ok, and his phone actually knows what number to dial and in lieutenant connects with Juan. 

In what parts is a domain divided? A domain consists mainly of two parts: the name of the organization (webgdl) and the organizational character (com). The most common types of organization are. COM,. NET and. ORG, which refer to merchant, network and organizations.